Karl Rove is under pressure in the White House to, "at a minimum," issue an apology; Patrick Fitzgerald may still charge him with making false statements. Strategist: "Karl does not have any real enemies in the White House, but there are a lot of people in the White House wondering how they can put this behind them if the cloud remains over Karl." [WP]

Democrats are trying to frame '06 to their advantage; slogan "Together, American Can Do Better" is displayed at events and national platform will be unveiled. [NYT, LAT, LAT, WT, USAT]

Congressional Democrats join John McCain in calling for better treatment of detainees. [WP]

Scott McClellan's "credibility is already on trial," his "reputation has been left dangling in the glare of the television lights." [NYT]

Tuesday's gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey will be an "early measure" of '06. [WSJ]

Bush will be met with widespread anti-Americanism on his upcoming trip to South America. [WP, WSJ]

Administration's flu plan criticized on Capitol Hill. [NYT]

House Republicans are willing to cut food stamp program for 300,000 legal immigrants in effort to shave down the budget. [WP]

Lawmakers turn out in force for funeral of Rosa Parks. [WP, NYT]

Harry Reid's idea for a closed-session originated from Tom Daschle. Charles Schumer: "My phones have been ringing off the hook... It has played far better than we had thought." [WP]

Former Deputy Interior Secretary said Jack Abramoff offered him a job while he was at the department. [NYT]

Michael Chertoff unveils border security plan. [USAT]


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