Daily Briefing: The End of the 'War on Terror'

White House wants Roberts' hearings to commence before Labor Day; Democrats seek delay. Hatch: "They don't want to have any extra time for the Democrats to savage the guy." [WP, WT]

Administration consents to releasing slew of documents related to Roberts, but not full extent sought by Democrats. Official: "We don't have concerns." [NYT]

Roberts has a favorable-unfavorable rating of 46% to 13% in Gallup poll; 37% think Rove "did something unethical but not illegal" and 49% think he should resign. [USAT]

Congressional Republicans tell Democrats not press Roberts on his Catholic faith. [NYT]

"War on terror" renamed "a global struggle against violent extremism." Hadley: "We need to dispute both the gloomy vision and offer a positive alternative." [NYT]

Hillary calls for Democratic unity on road to '08: "We Democrats have not yet succeeded in isolating and defeating the far right, in part because we have allowed ourselves to be split between left, right and center." [WP, NYT]

Bush made deals with handful of Republican lawmakers to push through CAFTA. [NYT, WSJ, LAT]

Congress ready to pass business-friendly energy agreement that will not reduce dependence on oil imports. [WP, WSJ, NYT, LAT]

Dissatisfaction creates uncertainty in fifty open congressional races next year. [WSJ]

House Democrats make proposal for retirement-savings called AmeriSave. [WP]


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