• Hastert displays his stammering and backpedaling techniques, gets winded going back to 2003 -- when he first learned about Foley. [WP, NYT, USAT]

  • In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, a cornered, paranoid Hastert lashes out: Foley scandal is fault of Brian Ross, George Soros, and Bill Clinton consortium. [CT]

  • WP prints more of the Foley IMs, but redacts the good parts. ABC on the other hand didn't bother to redact the name of the teenager Foley sent emails too, though since corrected. [WP]

  • Political fallout aside, Foley might be okay. "For the most part, the law is going to allow you to be a dirty old man." [W$J]

  • Dan Bartlett thinks bloggers have "too much time on their hands," and that Bush's "comma" remark is historical analysis, not belittling pith. [WP]

  • White House, like, still totally down with waterboarding, brah. [WP]

  • Five at Hewlett-Packard charged with criminal conspiracy, face fines that amount to a month of "latte money." [NYT, LAT]

  • Ben Bernanke warns of a "substantial correction" in the housing market. Sorry about your condo. [W$J]

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