Daily Briefing: The Grudge Report

* Campaigning for House majority leader as fierce as it is because Nancy Pelosi has hated that rat bastard Steny Hoyer since 1960 and she's not stopping now. [WP, NYT, LAT]

* A thin layer of Iraq hearing was placed on top of a hearty serving of 2008 posturing in the Senate yesterday. [NYT]

* Mitch McConnell and Trent Lott elected as Senate Minority Leader and Whip respectively. After which Lott gets verklempt, cries, and makes the Capitol press corps visibly uncomfortable. [WP, WP]

* In Georgia, two more House races have been called for Democrats, seven still counting. [NYT, WP]

* Government diction experts assert that 35 million Americans are not going hungry, they just have "very low food security." [WP]

* A record five House committees could be chaired by African-Americans. [WP]


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