Daily Briefing: 'The Mainstream Has Turned'

Strategists think Bush, Republicans may have overestimated and misread election results. [WP]

Frist says filibuster showdown is "inevitable"; leaves door open for '08. [USAT]

House, Senate near agreement on $82b package for Iraq, Afghanistan. [WSJ]

White House insists Laura's stand-up was not politically motivated; she'll watch "Desperate Housewives" on DVD. [NYT, WT]

DeLay: "I know I have been watched and investigated probably more than even Bill Clinton. They can't find anything." [WT]

Conservative tribute to DeLay could be more of a eulogy. [WP]

Parties welcome ambivalence on abortion, in theory. Reid: "We're not looking for pro-life (or) pro-choice candidates. We're looking for candidates who can win." [USAT]

Pat Robertson praises Giuliani's presidential prospects. [LAT]

Snow criticized for constantly selling Social Security plan. [LAT]

Bush, Bolton: echo, echo. [WP]

Approval of Schwarzenegger falls below 50% for the first time. Critic: "The mainstream has turned on him." [NYT]

Q&A about Bush's Social Security plan. [WSJ]

Princetonians hold anti-Frist teach-in outside of Frist Campus Center. [WP]


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