Daily Briefing: The Real Question

DeLay, "a politician in retreat," is viewed by fellow Republicans as a distraction and by business supporters as "radioactive." [WP]

Bush, Putin act friendly in Russia. Hadley: Bush's "focus really is, without denigrating in any way the history, trying to focus, as I said, on moving forward." [WP, NYT, WSJ, USAT, WT]

Rice believes releasing documents about Bolton would have negative effect on "internal deliberations"; Lugar thinks Bolton can win committee vote. Biden: "The real question here is how far did John Bolton stretch the truth or stretch the facts, regarding intelligence." [NYT, USAT, WP, WT]

Showdown over filibusters probably will occur on eve of Memorial Day recess. [WP]

White House is waiting for Democrats to offer alternative solution for Social Security. Emanuel: "Remove privatization and the adjacent ideas, and we will sit down at the table and discuss it." [NYT]

Republicans want to reform Social Security, healthcare, and other benefit programs the way corporations have, says Brownstein. [LAT]

Gonzales is working to soften his image and that of the Justice Department. [NYT]

Trial of David Rosen, Hillary's former fund-raising director, begins tomorrow in L.A.; major spectacle expected. [NYT]

General Myers evaluated as a "toady." [LAT]


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