Approval of Bush slips to 37%, a new low in WSJ/NBC polling; 79% believe the leak investigation is "a serious matter" and a majority say Bush "deliberately misled people" to war. [WSJ]

House Republicans scrap ANWR drilling to ensure passage of budget. Schumer: "If you are a moderate Republican, you are starting to say, 'I am not going to follow George Bush over the cliff.'" [WP, NYT]

Republicans fear implications of Tuesday's elections; Democrats have their own lessons to learn. Pollster: "The waning of enthusiasm for Bush and his presidency is national." [LAT, WP, WT]

Senators press top oil executives about their profits; "if the hearing had an air of the theater, the public resentment articulated by the senators was real." Milbank: "[I]nstead of calling oil executives on the carpet yesterday, senators gave them the red-carpet treatment." [WP, NYT, WSJ, USAT, WT]

Bush splits with Republicans over ban of abusive treatment of detainees. [USAT]

Judith Miller leaves The New York Times. [WP, WP, NYT]

Chalabi denies misleading the U.S. and offers to testify before Congress. [USAT, WP]

Senate Judiciary Committee considers televising Supreme Court proceedings. [LAT]

Congress expected to curtail Patriot Act. [WP]

Kaine campaign is praised. [WP]

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence outlines inquiry of pre-war intelligence. [WP]

Roberts asks Frist to postpone congressional investigation of leak to the Washington Post until the Justice Department has concluded theirs. [WP]

Ethics are likely to come up during Alito's confirmation hearing; Democrats expect him to be confirmed. [WP, LAT, WT]

Jack Abramoff priced a meeting with Bush at $9m for the president of Gabon. [NYT]

President of Amtrak claims he was dismissed for ideological reasons. [NYT]

John Edwards says his vote for the war in Iraq was a mistake. [WP]

50% think the press are not fair to Bush, according to Pew survey. [WT]

Documentary about 2004 election in Ohio shows "that the Bush campaign was run by major-league professionals and the Kerry campaign by bush-league amateurs." [NYT]


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