Cheney was first to tell Libby about Plame, but not necessarily by name; notes taken by Libby contradict his own testimony. Cheney's information came from Tenet; it's unclear whether Cheney or Libby knew of Plame's undercover status. [NYT]

White House advisors use lessons learned by Reagan and Clinton to survive the "darkest days of the Bush presidency"; Bush will reiterate the necessity of staying on the offensive in Iraq and will urge fiscal discipline at home. [WP]

Ben Bernanke, senior White House advisor and renowned economist, nominated to succeed Greenspan; noted as "the economic equivalent" of John Roberts. [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

Bernanke has "unassailable credentials and enough distance from the White House to blunt charges of cronyism or ideological motivations." [WP, LAT]

Bush will not release documents related to Miers' White House work. Bush: "It's a red line I'm not willing to cross." [NYT, LAT, WT]

Coalition of conservative groups calls for Miers to withdraw in a "dramatic escalation in the battle over her nomination." [WP, WSJ, WT]

Iraq approves draft constitution; American death toll reaches 1,999. [WP, WP]

Frist "has also been deeply involved in legislation affecting his family's business" since arriving on Capitol Hill. [NYT]

Parties ready talking points for possible indictments. [WSJ, WT]

CIA leak scandal is rooted in disagreements over Iraq between administration officials and the "permanent bureaucracy of Washington"; Brent Snowcroft and Lawrence Wilkerson provide details of administration's decision-making process. [WP]

White House wants to exempt the CIA from ban on abuse of detainees; Cheney and Goss tried to persuade McCain. [WP, NYT]

Joseph Wilson "helped propel the unmasking of his wife's identity as a CIA operative into a sprawling, two-year legal probe that climaxes this week with the possible indictment of key White House officials." [WP]

Congress urged to increase oversight of the FBI. [NYT]

Chertoff wants to reform DHS: "This is a job where an actuary would say that the risk of being criticized and having unpleasantness is extremely high. I did not go into this for pats on the back." [NYT]

Hutchison changes her tune on perjury; did not want Clinton to cause a "lessening of the standard." [WP]

House Republicans want oil companies to put profits into increasing capacity and improving infrastructures. [WT]

Paul Hackett, Iraq war veteran, will seek Democratic Senate nomination in Ohio. [LAT]

Mike Johanns loves his Saturday chores. [WP]


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