• Andrew Card resigns as White House chief of staff; budget director Joshua Bolten is be tapped as replacement. [WP, AP, W$J]
  • Senate Judiciary Committee approves two guest worker programs and the legalization of millions of immigrants. [WP, WP, W$J, USAT, LAT]
  • Both parties face political tightrope over immigration. Bush: "Newcomers have a special way of appreciating the opportunities of America, and when they seize those opportunities, our whole nation benefits." [WP, LAT]
  • Bush has recently held off-the-record meetings with top reporters; New York Times declines to participate. [NYT]
  • FEC restricts political contributions and spending on the internet but puts bloggers in the same category of newspapers. [WP]

  • Concern rises for electronic voting malfunctions during November's election. [USAT]
  • Friends of Jack Abramoff plead his case in letters to his judge. [NYT]
  • Washington Nationals worry they'll lose favor in the wake of Jack Abramoff. [WP]
  • Bloggers scour newly released Arabic-language documents seized in Iraq. John Negroponte: "There is no smoking gun." [NYT]
  • Google steps up lobbying efforts. [NYT]

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