Bush has not changed his position on stem-cell research and will veto legislation pushed by Frist; bill has enough support to pass without a filibuster. [WSJ, LAT, USAT]

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd dies at 84; Crown Prince Abdullah pronounced monarch. [AP, Reuters]

Bush receives bills to sign as lawmakers leave town. [WSJ]

Bush consoles over 30,000 Boy Scouts after four troop leaders are electrocuted. [NYT, WT, AP]

50% have unfavorable view of Bush in Gallup Poll. [USAT]

DLC would prefer that Hillary take on the left. Brownstein: "If Clinton succeeds [at unifying the party], she will consolidate her position as the Democratic frontrunner for 2008. But if she fails, she risks damaging her stature on both sides of the party's divide." [LAT]

Santorum challenges Hillary to a debate on family values after describing her views as "radical." [WT]

Roberts played an active role in the creation and presentation of the Reagan administration's positions on civil rights [WP]

Roberts' opinions about capital punishment are largely unknown. [WP]

Influence of the Federalist Society "is the source of ever-swelling myth, mystery, insinuation, denial and debate." [NYT]


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