Daily Briefing: The Spawn of Our Town

Cooper speaks out: "So did Rove leak Plame's name to me, or tell me she was covert? No. Was it through my conversation with Rove that I learned for the first time that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA and may have been responsible for sending him? Yes. . . At this point, I'm as curious as anyone else to see what Patrick Fitzgerald has." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Attorney says Rove did not have to name Plame: "The statute does not require that the name be disclosed, it just says that you cannot intentionally disclose any information identifying a covert agent." [NYT]

Bush likely to announce Supreme Court nominee this week; administration said to be "looking very carefully at a woman" for Supreme Court post. [WP, NYT]

Bush approved covert funding of select candidates in Iraq election, but apparently no money was distributed because of concerns. [WP]

FBI has gathered "large volume" of information on leading organizations critical of the administration, including the ACLU and Greenpeace; groups have sued alleging a "pattern of political surveillance." [NYT]

Potential nominees to Supreme Court "are a mix of old friends, adversaries and acquaintances that perhaps only Washington, that capital company town, could spawn." [NYT]

Loyalty and solidarity fostered by Rove could backfire, says Brownstein. [LAT]

EPA paid $40,000 to the Weather Channel for informational "video capsules." Separately, agency is looking for a private firm to hold focus groups, redesign website, and ghostwrite scholarly articles. [WP, NYT]

Critics attack Rep. Barton (R-Texas) for undermining research findings on global warming. [WP, WSJ, NYT]

Chertoff tries to change Department of Homeland Security: "I feel like we are racing the clock. . . Every day we are not doing as much as we can, as fast as we can, is a day that we are falling behind." [NYT]

White House will host formal dinner for India's Prime Minister. [WT]

Pataki tries Iowa on for size. [NYT]

Atheists searching for their place in politics. [LAT]


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