Daily Briefing: "There Have Been Mistakes Made"

  • More than 70 people died yesterday in the current multi-front middle east conflict. A small number of US Marines are aiding the evacuation in Beirut. [NYT]

  • Unsurprisingly, the US government's full-fledged support of Israel in this conflict is not going over swimmingly with allies. [WP

  • Republicans running for things have a two-stage message for dodging Iraq questions: Acknowledge that mistakes were made, ask if we should fight or flee. [WP]

  • Corruption is hurting both parties this year. [WP]

  • President Bush stopped talking about poverty after Hurricane Katrina's worst was over. [WP]

  • Bush will meet with the NAACP today for the first time. [AP]

  • Joe Lieberman is in a "stastistical dead heat" with challenger Ned Lamont. [AP]

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