Daily Briefing: These Boots Were Made For Talking

  • George Allen and Jim Webb "meet" Tim Russert. Divided on Iraq policy and footwear choice, they share hatred of French, love of chaw. [WP, NYT]

  • Project "BioShield" supposed to build stockpiles of vaccines, so far has only made headaches. [NYT]

  • National security adviser Stephen Hadley spent Sunday answering questions on TV, admitted, "Nobody knows what humiliating treatment is." [USAT]

  • DHS soliciting proposals for technology based border security solutions, everything short of "giant death-ray" being considered. [WP]

  • Pope puts 14th-century Byzantine emperor's foot in his mouth, issues "my bad" to Islamic world. [WP, WP]

  • Sweden votes out Socialist government, elects new center-right prime minister, who would still be considered far-left in US. [NYT]

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