Daily Briefing: They Let a Blogger into the White House?!?

Administration unable to propose more tax cuts due to rising expenditures and some GOP senators mull tax increases; initiative to simplify code does not lower taxes. [WP]

Staffers comb fine print of Senate rules to prepare for fight over judicial nominees. [NYT]

Middle ground on Social Security is unpopular considering most think "failure to agree at all would be better than a compromise that gives way on principle"; Bush quietly courting senators. [NYT, USAT, USAT]

Senate Republicans expect new bankruptcy rules to pass. [WSJ]

Garrett Graff becomes first blogger approved for White House press gaggle. [NYT]

Liberals decry Lieberman's "disloyalty" to Democrats on Social Security. [NYT]

Financial backers of most lobbying efforts remain in the shadows. [WP]

Bipartisan support for Bush's nominee to head EPA. [WSJ]

Bush has seen "The Aviator", "Paper Clips", and "Hotel Rwanda" this year; Laura sees more films. [NYT]

Evolution of Justice Kennedy credited with ruling on juvenile death penalty. [WP]

Senators debate funding for abstinence education. [WT]

Democrats begin daily webcast roundtable of liberal talking heads. [WP]


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