Bush calls for oil conservation: "We can all pitch in. People just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption." [NYT, WT]

Bush may endorse expansion of the military's responsibilities in responses to natural disasters. [NYT, WT]

Congressional Republicans turn attention to unsteady oil market; proposals will likely become Energy Bill II. Bush: "The storms have shown how fragile the balance is between supply and demand in America." [WSJ]

Republicans change rhetoric about fiscal policy, not the policy itself. [WP]

Hundreds of anti-war protesters led by Cindy Sheehan are arrested in front of the White House; they lacked a permit. [WP]

Bush hints next Supreme Court nominee will not be a white male. [NYT]

Government likely ripped off by FEMA's no-bid and non-competitive contracts for rebuilding the Gulf Coast. [USAT]

Anthony Lewis on how John Roberts would rule on libel: "He's not a fan of the press. He speaks of 'the zeal and insouciance with which the mass media assails public officials.'" [NYT]

Justice Department and FBI are investigating the demotion of a federal prosecutor that delayed inquiry of Jack Abramoff three years ago. [NYT]

Senate Appropriations Committee proposes $440b Defense budget. [WSJ]

Republican-led congressional inquiry into Katrina-related failures begins today with testimony from Michael Brown. [WSJ]

Frist says his stock sale was planned months before it lost value. [WP, NYT, USAT, WT]

Potential '08 Democratic candidates decide on Roberts: Bayh, Clinton, Kerry, Biden will vote no; Feingold will vote to confirm. [LAT]

Richard Myers: "The outcome and consequences of defeat [in Iraq] are greater than World War II." [USAT]

Ben Affleck for Senate? Virginia Democrats dream. [WP]


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