Daily Briefing: Turd Referendum

  • Karl Rove is "just eight days from having his genius designation revoked -- or upgraded to platinum status." [WP, LAT]

  • US Military has "misplaced" about 14,000 automatic weapons somewhere in Iraq. [NYT]

  • New crop of centrist Democrats, including former Redskin flop Heath Shuler, may help retake Congress, only to do battle with more liberal elements of the party. [NYT]

  • It's not just global warming: Bush administration officials overrule scientists' recommendations to protect species facing extinction, such as the very cute Gunnison sage grouse. [WP]

  • Nancy Pelosi is financing the Democratic ascendancy one garden party at a time. [NYT]

  • "A host of sleeper social issues, including abortion, same-sex marriage and stem-cell research will keep campaign 2006 interesting to the end." [Newsweek]

  • Heavy hitters on human rights weigh in against North Korea's abuses. [NYT]

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