Daily Briefing: Tyrannosaurus Mex

Happy anniversary to Intern Nick, who drunkenly reminded us last night that his first post was one year ago today.

* President Bush "outlines" his immigration plan, says the solution "lies between granting automatic citizenship to every illegal immigrant and deporting every illegal immigrant." [WP, NYT]

* New Jersey town loves the illegals, hates Lou Dobbs. [WP]

* Iraqi protesters burn flags and wave sandals to show the world just how not gellin' they really are. [NYT]

* Administration's need to concentrate power has US Attorneys doing two jobs for the price of one. [WP]

* Arlen Specter loves reading Alberto Gonzales' email and just needs one more hit, come on. [NYT]

* National Guard units that were told yesterday they'd be redeploying to Iraq unlikely to be "jumping up and down for joy." [NYT, LAT]

* Iranian "national day of nuclear energy" is like new years, the fourth of July, and Columbus day all rolled into one. [USAT]

* Old Milhous Nixon reaches out from beyond the grave to spite the White House. [WSJ]


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