Daily Briefing: Unusually Readable

692-page report deems intel on Iraq "dead wrong," calls bureaucracy "fragmented, loosely managed and poorly coordinated." Bush advisor: "You will begin to see action in a matter of weeks." [WP, WP, LAT, USAT]

Doubts were rejected. Tenet dismissed Powell's second-guessing with "yeah, yeah," I'm "exhausted." [WP]

Critics complain about report's depth. Milbank asks, "Why would the commission, with unfettered access to the government's most sensitive documents, rely on a [Woodward] book?" [WP, NYT]

Report's blunt language is "unusually readable." [NYT]

Report for Rumsfeld faults Pentagon for inadequate postwar plans. [WP]

World Bank unanimously confirms Wolfowitz as president. [NYT]

Berger pleads guilty to snatching documents; will pay $10,000 fine and have security clearance suspended. [WP, NYT]

Post-Schiavo, Republicans embrace advance "culture of life" while Democrats stir backlash by moderates; judiciary will feel heat. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, USAT]

Hastert doesn't think Social Security legislation will happen this year: "You can't carry it right up to an election. That's just political dynamite." [WP]

Bush nominates Cheney's son-in-law, a lawyer for security clients, as general counsel for DHS. [WP]

Across nation, union members rally against Bush's Social Security plan. [NYT]

Navy Secretary nominated to succeed Wolfowitz. [WP, LAT]

Hillary's supporters prep for "the right-wing attack machine": "The right wing is already getting ready, naming Hillary as their 'No. 1 target' and boasting about their 'Swift Boat' style ads." [NYT]


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