Bush packs for Texas as Hurricane Rita approaches. [NYT]

Senate Judiciary Committee approves Roberts by vote of 13 to 5. [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT, WT, USAT]

Defying White House calls to control spending, the Senate passes $100b bill for farm and rural development and approves $82.9b military bill. [WSJ]

Department of Homeland Security is playing hands-on role in preparations for Hurricane Rita. [WSJ]

Bush says pulling out of Iraq "would allow the terrorists to claim an historic victory over the United States" and "make that country a source of terror and instability. . . for decades." [USAT]

Jack Abramoff bragged about his close relationship with Karl Rove, says Tyco executive. [WP]

Biden, Hatch captured the confirmation hearings on their camera phones. [WP]

Minority business owners in the Gulf Coast complain that no-bid contracts block them from Katrina-related contracts. [WSJ]

Over 100,000 are expected at anti-war rally on Saturday; Sheehan set to speak. [USAT]

Goss still faces uphill challenge at reforming the CIA. [NYT]

SEC is interested in Frist's stock sale. [NYT]

43 countries have promised aid totaling $800m for Katrina relief. [WT]


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