Daily Briefing: What Presidential News Conference?

Deep Throat revealed to be W. Mark Felt, former FBI official. Woodward: "Mark Felt at that time was a dashing gray-haired figure." [WP, WP, NYT, NYT]

Vanity Fair "caught Washington Post by surprise and threw the paper into turmoil." [NYT]

Bush, at monthly presser, dismisses Amnesty's allegations of human rights abuses at Gitmo as "absurd," spurns talk of lame duck status, and advocates agenda to Congress. Bush: "Now in terms of the requests for the documents, I view that as just another stall tactic, another way to delay, another way not to allow Bolton to get an up or down vote." [WP, NYT, USAT, WT]

Book deal for Felt family likely to top $1m. [WSJ]

White House does not expect France's rejection of the E.U. constitution to affect U.S.-E.U. relations. [NYT]

Clinton wanted to head U.N.; he's settled on becoming "a dominant player on the world stage." [WP]

Hillary's inner circle is as disciplined and loyal as Bush's. Lehane: "Both operations make the papal conclave look like a bunch of free talkers. I mean that in a positive way, because that is the type of discipline it takes to win." [NYT]

Tiger Woods enters Social Security rhetoric. [USAT]

Wolfowitz on Iraq: "The war never ended. It's a simple fact, the [World Bank] can do an awful lot more in places that are stable than in places that are still at war. That's an unfortunate fact." [WSJ]

Buchanan considers Felt a "traitor." [WP, NYT]

Report by Third Way: "As Americans become even modestly wealthier their affinity for Democrats apparently falls off. With middle income voters, it is Democrats --the self-described party of the middle class-- who are running far behind Republicans, the oft-described party of the rich." [WT]


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