Daily Briefing: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You

  • FBI examines Foley's computers after Dennis Hastert calls out the Justice Department junkyard dogs. [NYT, WP, Roll Call [sub. req.]]

  • Tom Reynolds (R-NY) will not be "thrown under a bus" by Hastert, over who-knew-what-when Foley info. [WP]

  • Foley not totally evil, was after all, "one of the cool congressmen." [NYT]

  • "GOP Suburban Agenda" in full effect as Republicans push through small bills that embattled incumbents can use to show constituents they did something. [WP]

  • Supreme Court enters second term, "that will define the new court in both substance and style." [NYT]

  • Wal-Mart: now hiring anyone who'll work for 15 cents a day and no bathroom breaks. [NYT]

  • Virginia worries its regal brand identity will be tarnished by one of the overtly racist candidates it plans to elect to the Senate -- Leno, Stewart agree. [WP]

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