Daily Briefing: While The Note Sleeps In

Rove tries to make debate about nominee's qualifications, not views. Lieberman: "In my mind, extraordinary circumstances would include not only extraordinary personal behavior but also extraordinary ideological positions." [WP]

Administration and Republican leadership want conservatives to stop criticizing Gonzales; effort to "stay on message, stay on purpose." [NYT, LAT]

Attacks on Gonzales from the right create the perception that he's a moderate. Professor: "He's indisputably conservative but slightly more digestible to the Democrats and moderate Republicans." [WSJ, NYT]

Justice Department seeks broader investigation of Abramoff. [NYT]

Bush lands in Europe with the Supreme Court on his mind. [NYT, LAT]

Special prosecutor says Cooper and Miller should be jailed: "Forced vacation at a comfortable home is not a compelling form of coercion." [NYT, USAT]

House Republicans pick up slack on Social Security. [WT]

For Democrats, CAFTA is no NAFTA; most will vote against trade bill. [WP]

Abramoff breathed life and business at his restaurant. [NYT]

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee takes on six House Republicans in newspaper ads alleging unethical behavior. [WP, NYT]

Woodward and Bernstein's new book about Deep Throat lacks "much hard news," says reviewer. [NYT]


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