Daily Briefing: Wi-Fi for Helen Thomas

White House briefing room may get extreme makeover, including Wi-Fi and microphones for questioners; temporary accommodations would be in Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Ed Chen: "We all know how grubby that room is and how it could use renovation and updates to it with all the modern needs we have." [WP]

Bush buoyant, elated. McKinnon: "He's as calm and relaxed and confident and happy as I've ever seen him." [NYT]

McConnell says Republicans have enough votes to block filibusters. [USAT]

Rove drives promotion of president's policies, starting with "sophisticated campaign" about Social Security proposal. Lobbyist: "All roads lead to Karl." [NYT]

Bushes make Easter visit to Fort Hood, to skip South Lawn egg roll: "We prayed for peace, we prayed for our soldiers and their families." [WP]

Even pro-military lawmakers balk at $145b price tag of army's high-tech overhaul. Rumsfeld: "Abraham Lincoln once compared reorganizing the Union Army during the Civil War to bailing out the Potomac River with a teaspoon. I hope and trust that what we are proposing to accomplish will not be that difficult." [NYT]

Presidential commission's report on intelligence gathering said to be "very detailed, very blunt" with criticism. [LAT]

Supreme Court hears death penalty case involving President Bush versus Texas. Professor: "The justices presumably took the case to clarify basic questions about the interface between international, federal and state law." [WP]

Report says organization of counterterrorism efforts is dangerously confusing. [WP]

Lawmakers consider next steps in broader battle over life-or-death medical decisions; "Culture of life" and Schiavo case divide GOP, Dems. [NYT, LAT]

DeLay, staunch supporter of Schiavo, took father off of life support in '88. [NYT]

Medicare premiums expected to rise at least 12%. [WSJ]

Bipartisan coalition of former national-security officials call for reduced dependency on oil. [WSJ]


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