Daily Briefing: Yawn and Stretch

* House Democrats will be issuing a sternly worded "boo, hiss" proclamation about troop escalation in Iraq. [NYT]

* Intelligence used to justify the war in 2003 was manipulated by administration officials. You heard it here again. [WP, NYT]

* Barack Obama: the early years. [WP]

* President Bush is "liberated" by having no campaigns to hijack his otherwise sterling legacy. [WP]

* Someone needs to tell Al Gore he's running for president. [TIME]

* The American economy don't want no gas prices going up. Terror attacks maybe, just don't fuck with the gas prices. [WSJ]

* Homeland Security employees plan to be extra demoralized today, as that's what they're supposed to be, and it's Friday and all. [WP, USAT]


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