Daily Caller GOTCHAS John Boehner With Tanning Lobbyist Landlord Story From 2006


So now it's come to this: John Boehner lives in a DC apartment that he'srenting from a lobbyist for the tanning bed industry. This raises a number of questions, such as, "Is there anything untoward going on?" and "He has to know he's trolling us, right?" and "Wait, there's a tanning bed industry, and it has lobbyists?"

As far as we can tell from this in-depth exfoliation by the Daily Caller's Alex Pappas, it looks like there's nothing inappropriate going on -- since at least 2006, Boehner has rented a two-bedroom apartment for $1600 a month from John D. Milne, who lobbies for the "American Suntanning Association" (Motto: "Don't take that "sun" part literally"), but Milne has never, ever, ever had lobbying relationships with that orange man. A Boehner aide said when WaPo first covered this story during the Bush administration,

“John Milne does not lobby John Boehner on any issue and has not lobbied him on any issue during the time period in which John has been renting the property,” he said.

It sure is curious that the Daily Caller would bring this particular 2006 story up just a week after Boehner told tea party types that he was sick of them and wouldn't invite them to his birthday party no more, but the timing is probably all coincidental. Besides, there is definitely new information here! Boehner received a campaign donation of $5000 in 2011, which probably means he's deep in the pocket of Big Tan, and The Daily Caller even contacted Milne with a very important question about the apartment's accoutrements, and learned,

“There is not nor has there ever been a tanning bed in the residence!” Milne, his landlord, said in a Tuesday email.

In any case, this just proves that, as one of the Daily Caller commenters puts it,


We need to remove progressives from BOTH sides of the isle!

Also, we'd better ask the Professor if he can build a radio out of coconuts. And we also need to find out if Santa Claus is really orange.

[Daily Caller / Boehner by Driftglass]

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