Daily Caller: Obama Might Appoint Some Jerk Lady As Ambassador Because He Loves Money

Daily Caller: Obama Might Appoint Some Jerk Lady As Ambassador Because He Loves Money

Yr. Wonkette was anxious - like, forgot the Zoloft at home before a family reunion anxious - over the prospect of a neutered Daily Callerwithout the hateful sage musings of wunderkind reporter Matthew Boyle. Would anyone bother reading the Daily Caller anymore, without tiny bio pics of an extremely seductive adult baby to the left of some of the articles? Without Boyle's insight, could Tucker Carlson's venerable media empire lose the edge in exposing Barack Obama's blackness, and the fact that some other people are black too? Would The Daily Caller continue cutting deep to the secretive, putrid heart of the current White House?

We should not have feared! Now comes "news" that President Obama may give a cushy, status-wielding government job to someone who gave him a bunch of money. GASP! Ok, ok, so that's not particularly shocking, but would you believe the recipient of Obama's wonderful campaign spoils might be the Devil Wears Prada lady? According to Bloomberg News, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's name is one of a few floating around as Ambassador appointments to the UK or France. Wintour will obviously be appointed to either (or both!) posts, since Obama represents a totally New World Order where politicians look out for those who support them financially. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this potential appointment is Wintour's obvious intentions to accept the position, helping to prolong the unbearable feedback loop of money in politics.

Though the opportunity may present itself, Wintour, the inspiration for the antagonist in “The Devil Wears Prada,” is said not to be interested in the position.

It's unclear when money will lose its newly awarded, staggering influence over politics; certainly not anytime soon, with the President's biggest campaign donors lining up greedily for post-election rewards. Notice, too, that this is a completely new phenomena unique to the unscrupulous Obama cartel.

The financial news service notes that presidents tapping donors for these diplomatic roles is nothing new. In Obama’s first term he nominated 59 ambassadors, 40 of whom were fundraising bundlers.

If you quickly scan your glazed eyes over that bit about tapping donors for diplomatic roles being nothing new, you'll notice that President Obama and no one else ever sure appointed a lot of his fundraisers to these mostly ceremonial positions. As the plot continues to thicken, Yr. Wonkette is grateful for the Daily Caller's persistence in peeling away the edges of deception, revealing an unraveling narrative wherein time-travelling Kenyans with a penchant for document forgery fight tirelessly to make us learn about blacks, old uncles write thank you notes to perverts and antagonists from Anne Hathaway movies pay big bucks for the chance to belittle some foreign interns for a change.

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