Never underestimate wingnuts when it comes to concern trolling, and also being dumber than you possibly could imagine. Here's your basic story: They're building an LGBT study lounge at the University of Oklahoma. Queer advocates were pulling for a full LGBT resource center, where, as with religious student unions and black student unions and whatever else, there would be resources and community for the LGBT kids, et cetera, yadda yadda yadda. But they got a lounge, which is a good first step. Now, if you didn't immediately think "but that's separate but equal!" and "no fair!", or images of whites-only lunch counters and water fountains didn't immediately jump through the space where your brain once was, you are NOT a wingnut.

If you are Eric Owens of the Daily Caller, though, you had all those thoughts and more, and you even illustrated your dumbass piece on the subject with a picture of a black man using a "colored"-only fountain. Is it because Owens is A Idiot, or is it because he's a concern troll? Let's just say it's both:

Officials at the University of Oklahoma have announced plans to enhance inclusivity on campus by building a separate-but-equal student lounge which will segregate gay, lesbian and transgender students by themselves.What do you think?

The idea for ostracizing students based on their sexual preferences came from an OU group called Queer Inclusion on Campus, reports The Oklahoma Daily.

All right, we will enunciate some words here very, very slowly, for those who seem to have been jerking it in the locker room when God was handing out brains. LGBT students are not going to be forcibly separated from the rest of the university. They can still go all the places! They can go to class, they can go to their dorms, they can go to football games, they can eat with everybody else. All of those things are FINE. They will just now have a place to go if they want to be around other people like them, maybe because some of them might have been raised by the sorts of families Eric Owens of the Daily Caller probably thinks are Just Great, the kinds of families what reject their kids and ostracize them for being gay.

But let's be charitable. Maybe Owens is just stupid and really doesn't understand the concept.

Any other wingnuts need to be kicked around? Haha, of course! Towleroad points us to a certain Adam Campbell at Liberty News Now, whatever the fuck that is, and he is having all the fake feels and concerns about how this will just hurt the people it's trying to help:

[H]ow on earth is segregating a group of people (in this case, gay men and women) away from the rest of the student body at all going to lead to “inclusion” on campus? Wouldn’t a private, exclusive study lounge not only breed resentment, but further hide away the gay community from the mainstream student body?

No, it only breeds resentment when you hang out in mostly-whites-only places like the Daily Caller and Liberty News Now. But Campbell knows what we should REALLY hone in on here, which is What About The Other Minorities, which, if we are translating wingnut-speak correctly, actually means WHERE'S MY WHITE STUDENT LOUNGE?

And, if gays get their own study lounge, shouldn’t other minority groups get one too? A blacks-only study lounge? A females-only study lounge?

If they want! As we said above, there are separate houses for ALL KINDS of groups! Jewish student groups, Christian groups, Muslim groups. There's a special "separate-but-equal" group for absolutely anything you can think of, on a large college campus. Hell, they even have these REALLY separate-but-equal groups for girls and boys called fraternities and sororities! But won't those Tri-Delts just cut themselves off from the rest of the student body, by having their own girls-only club? And aren't they being just like the George Wallace-era segregationists, by refusing to let boys in?

We anxiously await exposés answering all of these questions. Get to work, dumbasses.

[OU Daily / Daily Caller / Liberty News Now via Towleroad]

Evan Hurst

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