Daily Mail Accurately Reports That Barack Obama Attended Sportsball Game, Gets Everything Else Not Right


Here is some video of Barack Obama and family arriving at a sportsball game Sunday at the University of Maryland. They went to watch Michelle's brother Craig Robinson, who coaches the Oregon State University sportsball men. Give it a listen, but turn it down before you get to about 2:13, when some really loud music comes in. What do you hear in this video? According to British tabloid the Daily Mail, this is what you heard: "Obama gets BOOED at the basketball: Crowd jeers First Family as they take courtside seats at college game." While we like the quaint phrasing of "at the basketball," we're pretty sure that this video depicts a crowd that is mostly cheering, with some boos, not a crowd that is mostly booing. Then again, who are you going to believe, the headline, or your own lying ears? (or maybe the Daily Mail's own lying URL, which more accurately reflects the AP story the piece is drawn from: "Obama-family-mixed-reception-cheers-boos-courtside-seats...")

Tell us more about what we are seeing, Daily Mail!

In the lede, they even get the location of the game wrong:

An Oregon basketball crowd greeted Barack Obama and the first family with boos last night as they watched Oregon State take on the University of Maryland.

Except, as we say, this was a game at U of Maryland, not in Oregon. The next graf does at least successfully copypaste the AP's explanation that every year the Obamas "watch the Oregon State Beavers play a Washington-area team" since Michelle's brother coaches the Beavers.

After that, we're told that "while some fans cheered for the President as he took his seat, the leader of the free world put his hands his ears amid competing boos." This must be true, because there is a photo of Obama sitting down and watching the game with his fingers in his ears, although all that overwhelming booing occurred when the Obamas were entering the arena. Just to help, the caption of the photo has Barry being booed by the basketball team itself. In Oregon:

Also healthcare rollout, for paragraph after paragraph, which is the obvious explanation for all that booing that you can barely hear, because people usually explain their booing, especially the inaudible kind.

Not to be outdone by some foreign tabloid, CBS DC headlined its story "Obama Booed at University of Maryland Basketball Game," because the AP copypasta really does say "The Obamas were greeted by applause and some boos as they took their seats." And even better than the Daily Mail, the video accompanying that story doesn't have any audible boos at all, though there is a shot of the Maryland fans inviting the Obamas to attend "TerpThon" with homemade signs. That might be hostile baiting, considering the Obamas' known Oregon allegiance.

So, to sum up: Barack Obama was booed by a cheering Oregon crowd in Maryland Sunday, because the basketball team Michelle's brother coaches all got kicked off their health insurance. A newspaper whose writers and readers are covered by a national health plan pointed out that Americans all hate socialized medicine, as exemplified by a policy requiring that people buy insurance from private businesses. Forget it -- we aren't going to read these crazy Italian newspapers ever again, THE END.

[Daily Mail / The Hill / CBS DC]

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