Daily Mail Pretty Sure Black Dude Caused Grenfell Fire, Not The Long-Known Fire Hazards


If you don't follow international news or if you were trying to figure out how many people got shot yesterday in various parts of America, you might have missed the Grenfell Fire in London. It's a giant fucking deal, as at least 17 people have died and also because the Grenfell Tower (which was a big apartment building) was in Kensington. There's not a great direct comparison to London but it's kind of like if they'd put public housing smack in the middle of Beverly Hills. Swank postcode, shitty building safety maintenance.

The fire happened because they built a sub-par building with flammable materials, didn't put in proper sprinkler systems, and didn't bother with things like codes for how far a boiler should be from a wall, though they did spend millions making the building very pretty. Then they just assumed everything would be spiffy. At some point in the early morning, a spark set the building on fire and people wound up tossing babies nine stories to be caught by strangers below (this actually happened). Muslim residents, up for Ramadan prayers, got as many people out as they could before emergency services showed up.

British people immediately did what British people do: They organized shelter and food for affected residents, then waited to see how bloody awful the headlines would be. And the media did not disappoint!

We bring you: The Daily Mail. They have published this *after* it became public knowledge that the building was mostly a firetrap. Because the Daily Mail is a place where racist fucks congregate to create "content" instead of doing anything like what we might call journalism.


We would further like to point out that the Sun, for once, seems to be trying to not be fuckbags, so that is a nice thing? (Enjoy it now, it will not last long.) They are calling Fridge Man a hero for trying to wake his neighbors. In related news, I think it's likely someone has dosed me with LSD because there is not a world I recognize where the Sun COULD scrape the bottom and chooses not to. In fact, here is a firefighter dragging the Sun just so we all feel like the world is normal.

That's much better.

You might want to follow this story, because it turns out this wasn't the only subpar building in London, and it's going to keep being a scandal. Since they are British people and not Americans they might even require that the buildings be brought up to code!


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