Daily Show All Bloggeriffic


Bloggers are all a twitter about last night's Daily Show, which included both an infomercial-style satire of GannonGate ("Secrets of New Journalism Success"!!) and an interview with Ari Fleischer. By our lights, neither segment was particularly hilarious, though we loved seeing professional blogger triumphalist Jay Rosen play the straight man. Which, granted, is not much of a stretch. Courddry translated Rosen's assertion that in today's journalism "there are no rules" as "You mean it's like fucking in the 70s." (Hey, it was a Gannon parody...) He also thanked Rosen, who is not just the president of the blogging club, but also a member, for wearing pants. So much for breaking the rules.

As for the Fleischer bit; We do think that they should have let "Dino Ironbody" interview Ari himself, at least then all the softball questions would have been ironic.

Ironbody-The New Reporter [Crooks and Liars]


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