Daily Show Gets *Wallpaper Treatment

Not Actually The Lucky Chair That Cradles Jon's AssA design-centric look at the Daily Show informs us that avant firm Pentagram oversaw both the Daily Show book ("For typefaces, she went with Akidenz Grotesque and URW Clarendon, a mixture of modern and classical.") and the new set ("His goal, he says, was to provide the minimal DNA of a news program, 'without all the cloying visual cues.'") And, yes, they're the ones who got rid of the couch; but, hey -- they replaced them with Eames chairs!

Which Jon and co. may have to sell to pay FCC fines, as the new chairman pushes to expand federal oversight to basic cable.

The FCC's cable crackdown [Salon]

The Daily Show: Satire Restyled [BW]


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