Dainty Obama Administration Won't Let DADT Meet Its End In Court


Look, you guys, the Obama administration really wants to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell! They are totally with you on that! But because they are very fussy and have to have just theperfect little bow to tie on the end of this intolerance, you're going to have to let them do it their way. Yes, it will be cool when a whole other sexuality gets to have the patriot experience of blowing up Afghans' heads with awesome explosions, high-fiving their comrades, and doing a tequila shot for every kill shot. BLOWING STUFF UP WITH HUGE WEAPONS IS PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE POINT OF HAVING A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. But the Obama administration will not let DADT be overturned the fast and dirty and ballsy way, in the courts, because it's not nice and neat and pretty. So they are now fighting the judicial system for doing this.

The Justice Department is asking a federal appeals court to lift a moratorium on the military's "don't ask, don't tell" by the end of today, once again arguing that the injunction jeopardizes an ongoing Pentagon review of how to end the ban on openly gay and lesbian service members. [...]

In court papers, the Justice Department said Phillips's injunction "is at odds with basic principles of judicial restraint" because it blocks the Pentagon from enforcing the gay ban across the military and not just among members of the Log Cabin Republicans, the group that filed suit challenging the constitutionality of the law.

Just to be clear: Yes, the Log Cabin Republicans are in favor of ending DADT now; the Obama administration is not.

The appeal for a stay of Phillips's injunction is meant as a stop-gap while the Justice Department prepares to appeal the judge's September ruling that "don't ask" is unconstitutional. The government is appealing the law despite President Obama's stated opposition to the 17-year gay ban. Obama has urged Congress to repeal the law through legislation.

Civil rights, eventually. Justice at some point. Cool missiles exploded by gay soldiers as soon as the Pentagon finishes trying on all its different outfits in front of the mirror. [WP]


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