Someone had some rough and uncomfortable poops this morning:

For a backgrounder on how the retiring Tennessee senator has hurt Donald Trump's feelings so bad he's feeling the need to share his pain with all of America, click here. Also too, there is this.

Corker responded:

DAMN GIRL DAMN! Adult daycare jokes are MEAN! What is Bob Corker, some kinda Wonkette?

Since yr Wonkette is a lifelong Tennessee resident, we cannot emphasize enough that we are unfamiliar with the emotions we are having, which involve cheering for our senator.

Of course, words are cheap and we'd REALLY love it if Corker followed this shit up with some actions, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, and it's not like any other elected Republicans are slapping the dick out of Trump's mouth like this.

Is Corker setting himself up for a primary run in 2020? UNCLEAR MAYBE WHO KNOWS?

Regardless of his intentions, is Corker's impending retirement making him very "LONG HAIR DON'T CARE" about this whole "Donald Trump" situation? CLEARLY.

In conclusion, we just came in to work on a Sunday because DAMN BOB CORKER DAMN.

And now we are going to brunch.

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