Damn Demrats And Their "Liberal" Desire to "Change"

Gibson.jpgWhile not quite as disastrous as Bill Kristol's suicide bomb of a WaPo Outlook feature, Fox News' John "War on Christmas" Gibson has these words for us this morning: "I know you don't want to hear about Iraq, but I'm going to tell you anyway." Damn him! Must keep reading... despite... hatred...

Quoth dipshit:

On another front we have full employment, and the economy is sailing strong into a storm of $100 a barrel oil.

On yet another front, a published report today said that homelessness is virtually over. People may have crushing mortgages, but they have homes.

So all in all, the war is going in our favor. Proof of that is that Democrats have shut up about it. Bush has made sure you have a job, and this economy has insured you have a home.

New word: Gibtard. A Gibtard is anyone who claims that homelessness is over.

Good News About Iraq, the Economy [Fox News]


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