Yesterdaywe mentioned the presence of sniveling rage sack Dana Loesch at this weekend’s “A Farewell to Arms” rally in Colorado. What we did not get around to discussing was the speech this great orator delivered, which is too bad because it sounds as if it was quite the stemwinder. Did you know that Dana Loesch is some sort of civil rights hero? It’s true! She was on Twitter all day Monday refusing to shut the fuck up about it! Set the scene for us, Raw Story:

Appearing at a Colorado gun show and rally on Saturday supporting the recall election of gun control advocate and state Senate President John Morse (D), Republican blogger and Internet radio host Dana Loesch took the stage with a unique, weaponized cover of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

Oh good, there is nothing we like more than the wingnuts’ continued equating of the long struggle for civil rights for African-Americans with their own desire to amass goddamn arsenals of killing machines. Gun ownership is a civil right, dontcha know. Maybe we should pile some bubble wrap on this desk before we go any further.

Raw Story posted a brief snippet of the speech, for which we thank them, because we’re sure listening to the entire twenty minutes would have had the same effect as slowly funneling molten lead into our eardrums. Loesch, however, was not so grateful, probably because the snippet made her sound like an angry idiot and Raw Story missed out on her big finish when she tied it all together:

I purposefully quoted and riffed from Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have A Dream Speech.” The entire point of my doing so was at the end, when I said “And the entire point of this? This historic civil rights leader was disarmed, just as you, Colorado, are being disarmed. The left never tells you that King’s gun permit was rejected.”

Would King have been alive today had he been granted the right by the racist, Democrat south to own a gun? Who knows. But my point stands.

Gun rights are civil rights.

Damn you, Raw Story, for depriving the world of the greatest oration on democracy since Demosthenes commanded the pulpits of ancient Greece!

Yr Wonkette is pretty sick and goddamned tired of having to remind the wingnuts that the racist Democrats who ran the South in 1956 – when the Birmingham police rejected Martin Luther King’s application for a concealed-carry permit, because it was Alabama in 1956 and white people were terrified of giving the Negroes weapons, as they had been terrified of it since, oh, forever, not that it stopped the good Reverend from keeping guns around his house anyway – were the conservatives of their day. They were not liberals, and they were not part of any Democratic Party as we recognize it in 2013. That smear only sticks with people who learned American history by reading graffiti scrawled on the side of the local Winn-Dixie. Conservatives – most of whom are in the GOP – have owned the South since the 1960s. All you have to do is look at the electoral map for every presidential election since 1968 to see this.

Yr Wonkette will concede that gun rights are a civil right because it is written in the Constitution. You know what else is a civil right? Voting. And just last week the Supreme Court told the states of the old Confederacy that it is perfectly okay for them to put mechanisms in place to regulate the exercising of said civil right, and if millions of minorities and poors get disenfranchised along the way, well, shut up, racism is over.

So Dana, think of gun control the same way: a civil right for which some regulations may be necessary in order to ensure its continued exercise in a responsible and safe manner, insofar as the words “responsible” and “safe” can be applied to a nation of 300 million guns being passed around by 300 million angry idiots (we pause here to remind you that no one ever died because someone else forgot to engage the safety on a ballot). If a maximum of 15 bullets in a clip is not enough for the good folks of Colorado, that is just too damn bad. They still have the freedom to whine about it at full volume, at least until President Michelle Obama suspends the First Amendment and sentences Dana and her ilk to hard labor in the vast organic vegetable gardens she will have planted on the Washington Mall.

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