Dana Perino Writes Wingnut Laments For NRO The Corner, Too


Former George Bush Jr. press secretary and current Mark Pennemployee (as part of the Microtrend "My Concubines"), Dana Perino, simply does not care for this Barack Obama going to a Muslim country and addressing Muslims directly as Muslims, because somehow being aware of various cultural backgrounds is a zero-sum game, and for every Muslim Barack Obama pays attention to, an old white pentecostal nut in northwest Georgia is forced to sit at the back of the bus. Or so she wrote on America's Blog!

Perino posted this yesterday, so who knows if her opinion changed after hearing the speech, as she clearly holds an open mind and nuanced worldview.

In all of my time working for him, I noticed that President Bush did not see people as “Muslims” any more than he saw them as Jews or Christians or Buddhists or atheists. He saw them as individuals, each with God-given value, each deserving the universal gift of freedom. The people of the Middle East should be treated with dignity not because they are Muslims, but because they are human beings. And it was on that premise that President Bush reached out to them.

Until tomorrow.


*Licks chops*

Actually it's not worth it, writing the 700-page response to this paragraph in a single blog post. George W. Bush was a nut, the end. Not really, two quick points:

  • There's a basic failure to connect on whatever fundamental level when George W. Bush sees "atheists" only as individuals with "God-given value" that he has to go launch insane wars and torture programs to protect.
  • Maybe if George W. Bush spent a few minutes trying to "see people as 'Muslims'" it would have gone a long way, because then he would've known about those permanently dueling "types" of Muslims. Take Iraq, where the suppressed majority "type" under Saddam decided to get them some revenge against the other "type" after the U.S. came in, just to pull down a symbolic statue for the teevee cameras, and this resulted in genocide.

Two Presidential Speeches in Egypt [NRO]


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