Dancing With the Stars: Insidious Mind Control?


  • McDonald's was SECRETLY Halal for a day or two, which infuriated the Teabaggers because they paid for PIG-anus, goddamnit, not some disgusting Sharia meat. [Creeping Sharia]
  • Science proves that Moses used miracle wind-power, just like Captain Planet, to part the Red Sea. [InstituteForCreationResearch]
  • Monopolies are actually GOOD for competitive enterprise, because it makes the competition pull up their bootstraps THAT MUCH HARDER. [Breitbart]

  • Liberals are just jealous of Meg Whitman, because they all want to be rich white ladies, just like her. [TheBlackSphere]

  • Remember when Obama FORCED all the teevees to become digital? Well it turns out that was just a secret mind control plot. Typical. [PPG Gazette]


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