'Dancing with the Stars' Would Have Preferred Todd Palin


Sarah Palingave an interview to something called "Zap2it," and it turns out she is very proud of Bristol for dancing with the gays on some teevee show. "This is so Bristol, challenging herself, getting out of her comfort zone," Sarah said, referring to Bristol's propensity to "try anything once," even if she's not using proper protection. Here's another big revelation: Bristol "relates to" Florence Henderson "more than anybody else" because they are both 9,000 years old in terms of their outlook on life. But more importantly, Todd just wants everybody to know that, while he supports his daughter, Dancing with the Stars totally asked him to be on that show first.

Asked about that, Palin says, "I know, that's what I heard. That's what Todd has heard, too, through the rumor mill, that they called Todd. Didn't they call you, Todd?"

In the background, he answers in the affirmative. "Yeah, they called Todd. Oh ..." she pauses to listen, "they contacted the governor's mansion, the manager there, to try to get to Todd to ask him."

As she boards the flight, Palin hands the phone to her husband, who says, "It was a good thing that I declined, otherwise we wouldn't be watching Bristol today. Because, after my performance, they would ban any other Palins."

That should be a general rule for any sort of thing, such as a democracy.

Oh, and here's this:

As Piper was listening to Bristol explain to me," says Sarah, "how difficult the steps were -- because a lot of these dances, we had never heard the name of the dances, much less knowing the steps of them -- Piper said, 'I know how you can learn those steps -- just write them on the palm of your hand.'

"I'm like, 'That's exactly what I would do!' I told Bristol she should do that for one of the songs."

(Her mother is reminding us she's good at politics.)

So we guess this teevee show is on the air tonight. Bristol will appear in blackface:



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