Danish Parliament Releases X-Rated Leather-Daddy Orgiastic Fellatio Cartoon, For Voting


Nobody tellVictoria Jackson: the Danish parliament, in a bid to increase civic duty among its younger citizens, put out a video of MASSIVE CARTOON GENITALS being laved and sucked and licked and loved on, and then, when people were like, "um what Danish parliament, that is a superduper X-rated cartoon?" it was like "oh, our bad, we thought that would be fun," but they said it in Danish. If the Danes weren't too boring to even have stereotypes about them, we would put one of those here. Let's watch some toon porn, after the jump!

Here is the video, which is full of leather-daddy orgy blowjobs, and so depending on your definition of "work" may not be safe for it.

You guys! You do not want to not have a say regarding, like, genetically modified foodstuffs, or ... other things the Euros care about right? RIGHT?

Voter turnout in Denmark was 88 percent in 2011, which apparently is low since all those slovenly Danes couldn't be bothered to do their civic duty unless cartoon genitals were shoved in their (eager, panting, sloe-eyed) faces. American voter turnout was 57 percent in 2012.

What would we have to put on Youtube to get Americans to vote? Hahaha trick question, nothing will get Americans to vote. This Kardashian marathon isn't going to watch itself!

[DailyDot, h/t Neetzan]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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