Dare To Grasp

* DC's the 11th most polluted U.S. city. [Urban Trekker]

* Pointless DC bar poll shows that bloggers like JR's. [Subway State]

* "There is an opportunity to rethink the Greater Eastern Market area as a result of yesterday's disaster. One thing is the Eastern Market Metro Plaza, which is now under DC control, rather than that of the National Park Service." [Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space]

* One of our own. [panda head]

* DC's #1 web novelist SethJ: "She produces a delicate bird of a hand and it flutters between three or four of the driver's fingers before flying off. He is so afraid of breaking it, of shattering its neat, symmetrical bones, that he hardly dares to grasp; just a little bit of pressure to say...he can't think of what to say."


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