Darrell Issa Calls Darrell Issa Reckless in IRS Probe

You know what's fun? Watching politicians be giant crybabies about an issue, only to turn around and be total hypocrites on that very same issue! Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Satan's Bunghole) is the latest to do so, this time on the issue of transparency. Remember when Rep. Issa  went on the teevee to talk to CNN's Candy Crowley about the IRS and tocall Obama's press secretary a lying liar? Prior to going on the show, Rep. Issa released partial transcripts of interviews with IRS employees. In a rare glimpse of some actual journalism, Crowley repeatedly pointed out that they were in fact partial, and that even the "good parts" version didn’t show any definitive skulduggery.

In response, Issa said that other parts of the transcript will make clear that the White House is full of evil serpents ready to eat the babies of Tea Party patriots, or some such unsubstantiated nonsense. Crowley asked the obvious question: will you release the entire transcripts, because you know, transparency and shit? Rep. Issa's forked tongue hissed, “these transcripts will all be made public.” Really? For reals? You will never, ever guess where that vow ended up! 

Fast forward 10 days from that interview, and this is what Rep. Issa has to say:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Tuesday said it would be “reckless” to release full transcripts of interviews with IRS staffers, after the panel’s top Democrat threatened to do so this week.


This is the same guy who has had a transparency hardon for BENGHAZI for significantly longer than four hours. He has been pounding the table and flinging his poop all over the House of Representatives demanding accountability from others. But when it comes to Darrell Issa's investigative priorities, well, then, transparency is just plain reckless. You have to understand, wonkmericans, that Rep. Issa knows best, and we should all just trust his judgement. He is an honest guy, and just because he has been accused of arson, car theft, and threatening a former employee with a gun doesn’t mean he isn’t imminently qualified to be leading this type of investigation.

And yet, the lamestream media isn’t saying much about it. It’s not like conservatives have a history of releasing parts of emails or parts of videotapes that later turn out to be totally false or anything. Except for that time that Republicans leaked parts of emails related to BENGHAZI that were cherrypicked and gave a totally false impression of what went on. Or that time some jackhole released part of a tape of Shirley Sherrod from the USDA talking about not helping poor white farmers when the entire tape actually showed that she did help everyone. But srsly, no biggie that Rep. Issa released only partial transcripts because, hey, they speak for themselves, right? "Context" is for liberals and wussy smartypantsers, as if there's a diff!

Beyond being just reckless, Rep. Issa has this to say about releasing the full transcripts:

The California Republican also said he feared a full account would tip off involved parties to investigators’ moves.

“The transcript could be used by future witnesses and their attorneys to prepare answers to likely questions, and to devise testimony consistent with the narrative that previous witnesses presented to Committee investigators,” the Oversight chairman said.

So releasing only partial transcripts will help the investigation, but releasing the full transcripts could endanger our operatives in the field...of tax investigations. Do all Republicans in the House agree with Rep. Cosmic Turd? Take it away, le Politico:

Rep. Charles Boustany of Louisiana, a senior Ways and Means Republican who chairs the panel’s Oversight subcommittee, criticized Issa’s tactics, saying the release of partial transcripts could “adversely alter our ability to get future information from other IRS employees.”

“Just simply from a process standpoint, you don’t want to do that and alter what others might say,” Boustany told POLITICO. “I really am concerned that it could tip this into the political realm rather than a true detailed investigation to get the facts out.”

Hahahaha, "tip it into the political realm"? Even fellow Republicans know that Issa is a goddam media whore whose only job is to call more attention to preconceived notions, and then release just enough information to get wingnuts frothing at the mouth. His job is to come up with conclusions, then "investigate" until the evidence fits what he already knows to be true. And you'd better not disagree because this guy once allegedly waved a gun at an employee. Just smile and nod, people.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is already tempting fate. He recently released other portions of the IRS interview transcripts that show how conservative Republican employees were the ones who started the Tea Party probe, pack up your bags and go home folks, nothing to see here. He also said that he will release the full transcripts if Rep. Issa refuses to do so, because he has giant cojones and they are named Truth and Justice. Rep. Cummings is pretty damn awesome, and has a long history of calling bullshit on Rep. Issa. In honor of his awesomeness, let’s give him the final word:

“Chairman Issa changes his mind so fast that even when I agree him, we’re not on the same page,” Cummings said.

[CNN/The Hill/Politico]


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