Dave Weigel Takes MSNBC Job Like A Common Liberal

Once upon a time there was a young man with a dream: to subvert the dying "main-stream print media" from within by covering the fringes of the conservative movement while giving off the vague impression that he too was a conservative, even though he loves gays so much. Then, with aseries of strategically placed emails to a secret mailing list for cool kids, he became such a focus of controversy that he was forced to resign from Kaplan Test Prep And Washington-Area Journalism LLC, which catapulted him to the destination he was aiming at all along: a job at MSNBC, the pinko teevee networks for communists.

Weigel's hiring was actually announced by arch-Marxist and bloated anger bag Keith Olbermann right in the middle of his show last night, while Dave was trying to explain Rick Barber's latest 19th century cosplay lunacy to TV audiences. The fact that Weigel was criticized so angrily by the leaders of American conservatism (i.e., the commenters on Andrew Breitbart's website) pretty much guaranteed him a fat television paycheck from MSNBC, because there are only two "teams" in American politics and journalism, and they are both run by children.

Anyway, now this story has a "happy ending" and we know Weigel won't be crawling back here for a job, so we can pretty much stop paying attention to it. Congratulations, Dave! Try not to let on over there how much you hate taxes. And watch out for Chris Matthews in the break room, we hear he's handsy. [Mediaite]


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