DaveGate: The White House Denies Involvement

zzzzzSo apparently some people thought that the "news" in the story about The Late Show's bored-kid-at-Bush-rally was that the White House got its panties in a bunch about the footage. And the presence of bunched underthings was, indeed, implied by the mixed messages sent between CNN and Letterman:

CNN replayed the clip Tuesday during their broadcasts. . . CNN anchorwoman Daryn Kagan reported that the White House said the clip was a total fake, it was merely the Late Show having fun with their ability to edit and do TV tricks. . . . A couple hours later, CNN anchor person Kyra Phillips reported that the kid was at the speech but not where the Late Show had him.

But CNN says it was all a huge mix-up, the White House never said anything (sort of odd, to go from claiming two different statements to nothing, but OK). And now, Little Bored Boy himself is going to be on Letterman. Said a WH flack: "He's a young person who strongly supports the president and is excited about getting a chance to talk about it."

"Excited," "awake," whatever.

White House Spins The Boy Who Yawned [WP]

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