David Blaine Should Be A Marine Sniper, For Reasons That Are Obvious


  • Hey! Have you heard about hydrogen barackside, the disinfectant that "kills capitalism on contact?" Ha Ha. It kills capitalism on contact. Not to be confused with the soothing effect of crack mccaine, which "makes sucking that dick so worth it." [RedState]
  • During these troubled times, Marine Snipers need to learn how to resist torture, just in case they're captured by the Americans. That's why David Blaine runs a special summer camp where he locks soldiers in concrete footlockers until their legs turn to linguine or has them stand on a 100-foot pole for 35 hours in lousy weather. Some critics say David Blaine expects too much from his campers, but really it's for their own good. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Desmond Tutu is very excited that Barack Obama is a black man, because this Halloween he won't have to buy a fancy mask like last year when he went trick-or-treating as Ross Perot. [HuffPost]
  • Do you perchance recall comedic genius and rightful heir to the Fox and Friends throne, Peter Doocy? You know, the chap who theorized Hillary Clinton was “hitting the sauce" and then invited John McCain over for strippers and Jello shots back at his dorm room? Well, prepare yourself for: P. Doocy, Fox News General Assignment Reporter, and you can bet your bottom he's going to report on all the General Issues the Liberal Media ignores, like whether Hillary Clinton is still a virgin and if she showers in the morning or at night or not at all! [Think Progress]

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