David Brooks Collects Enough Pennies To Buy His $4 Million Dream House


Humble originsPoor ol' New York Times columnist David Brooks, who writes 1600 dumb words for his newspaper per week, and that's it, has purchased a $3.95 million home in Washington, DC. What a thrifty saver, and a model for all citizens. One day, if you write enough nonsense about yuppie brain studies and National Greatness and cumming on John Thune, you'll be able to move out of your podunk $1.6 million Bethesda tenement and into a century-old DC mansion with "what appear to be vast spaces for entertaining."

The worst part about this is that now, as an official DC resident, David Brooks is going to feel entitled to opine about local DC government issues, and we can say quite firmly -- and listen up, David Brooks -- that not one person on Earth wants to read that. Via Reliable Source:

Price: $3.95 million

Details: The New York Times op-ed columnist and wife Sarah are trading up — from their longtime home near Bethesda’s Burning Tree Club to a century-old (exquisitely renovated) five bedroom, four-and-a-half bath house in Cleveland Park. It includes a two-car garage, iron and stone fence, generous-sized porch and balcony, and what appear to be vast spaces for entertaining. The timing seems to have been right: After only a few days on the market, their old place (which also boasts five bedrooms) is under contract for $1.6 million.

Speaking of garish NYT columnist homes, was his old $1.6 million house the slave quarters at the Thomas Friedman estate?

[Reliable Source]


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