David Brooks: Color Blind?

Sasha Issenberg probably thought he was making a savvy career move when he traveled to Pennsylvania's Franklin county to actually fact-check the brilliant work of sociologist David Brooks. He discovered, among other things, that people in Red areas sometimes do Blue things: They like Woody Allen and Thai food and expensive coffee and apparently are not all Wal-mart-shopping Jeff Foxworthy clones. Then he called Brooks on it.

Too bad for Issenberg that Brooks is not one to be All-About-Eved like that. As Issenberg writes in the latest Philadelphia magazine:

I went through some of the other instances where he made declarations that appeared insupportable. He accused me of being "too pedantic," of "taking all of this too literally," of "taking a joke and distorting it." "That's totally unethical," he said.

Yeah! We hate it when that happens. When someone, like, builds a career on interpreting literally a gross stereotype of middle America? Ew. And then gets all pedantic about it? Maybe even lectures potential Democratic candidates on how they should behave? That sucks!

Don't know about "unethical." Probably should ask someone at the New York Times about that.

Boo-Boos in Paradise [Philadelphia Magazine via Romenesko]


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