David Cameron, You Have Been Cavorting Far Too Much With Barack Obama


The War of 2012The Almighty King of England, David Cameron, recently spent a lovely American spring afternoon with Barack Obama inside a sweaty gymnasium watching college athletes play basketball. They then had a lovely American spring evening at a White House state dinner, at which David Cameron saluted the American liberal president. We all know how creepy Cameron is for Obama. He is 1,000 Royal Navy battleships' worth of creepy for him. But now Mitt Romney wants some of that action, and he will be a sourpuss until he gets it, tut tut.

Mitt Romney recently announced that he had invited himself to the opening night of the London Olympics this summer, just in case it needs some of that last-minute Romney saving that he so specializes in. But he wouldn't say whether he'd meet with King David Cameron. It seems this John Bull has just been too lovey-dovey with the Kenyan, recently -- that their special relationship threatens to disrupt the Special Relationship, as Republican logic would have it:

Referring to Cameron's highly flattering toast to Obama during a banquet given in the prime minister's honour when he visited Washington in March, a senior aide said: "You don't take sides in an election year".

The aide, who requested anonymity, said Romney and his wife, Ann, would attend the "first day of activities" of the 2012 Games, which open in July. Romney would do "one or two other things" while in London. A meeting with Cameron was not ruled out, but that was "up in the air", the aide said.

Doubts about a possible Downing Street meeting appear to stem in part from surprise and dismay felt in the Romney camp about what it saw as Cameron's obsequious behaviour at the banquet on 14 March.

Cameron's performance smacked of a "lack of experience" and was seen as "not very skilful", the aide said.

Romney advisers responsible for European policy were said to have been so alarmed that their initial reaction was to complain Cameron had "infringed" the special relationship between the US and Britain.

Time to call in the 7th-grade teacher with recess duty today to resolve this.



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