David Denby Finds Wonkette 'Proudly Idiotic'

David Denby Finds Wonkette 'Proudly Idiotic'

It is always sad to learn that a respected public thinker has spent any time at all reading new modern trash like Wonkette. Doesn't the famousNew Yorker critic and Internet porn addict David Denby have something better to do, like have lunch at the Algonquin Round Table, or floss his cat?

Denby has written a new book about "snark," a word that should just be fucking BANISHED from modern usage along with expressions of approval that involve shooting liquids from the nose and ruining keyboards/computer screens. UGH NOT FUNNY.

Anyhow, David Denby does not care for this "snark," and for "snarky" publications such as Private Eye and Spy and basically anything funny. Wonkette is lumped in with this group and called "proudly idiotic." AWWWWW.

[UPDATE: We just read the comments on this article and saw that our esteemed editor Ken Layne made basically the same two observations, which is surely evidence of Wonkette's idiot hive mind.]

Snark Attack [New York Magazine Book Review]


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