David Dreier: Just Really Close Friends

We can't believe how hot people are to out David Dreier -- first it was "wide spread rumors" that "proved" it, now he had a male roommate. Perhaps he's just thrifty! Also, people keep going back to this tossed-off quote from Kitty Kelly:

On page 491 Barbara Bush laments that her daughter's "relationship" with David Dreier is not going anywhere. Kelly. . . quotes Bar as saying that Dreier "Never laid a hand on her."
Whatever. Look, just because a guy isn't into women, doesn't mean he's into men. He could be into, dunno, little girls. Animals. Chronic masturbation. Think outside the, uhm, box, people. . .

Since when did this kind of flimsy innuendo count as "outing"? We want pictures! Lawsuits! Friendster profiles, at the very least. . .

TAKE ACTION: Rep. David Dreier is Outed [BlogActive]


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