David Dreier: Not as Gay as You Think

gay as a three-dollar billThe problem with outing people is that it's so easy to make a mistake. How can you tell the difference between, say, "an open secret" and a "wide-spread rumor" (Mmmm. . . . "wide-spread". . . ). This appears to be the trap that Wonketteer Boi from Troy has fallen into, inadvertently outing California congressman David Dreier even as he criticized Blog Active for mounting (Mmmmm. . . . "mounting". . .) an outing campaign. As rhetorical mishaps go, it's not so much, "When did he stop beating your wife?" as it is "He beats his wife." (Or, uhm, beats something.) Now, Boi from Troy says he no "empirical knowledge" of Dreier's sexuality. We just say he's not trying hard enough!

David Dreier in Crosshairs [Boi from Troy]

BREAKING NEWS: Boifromtroy declares Dreier's sexuality open secret in Cali district! [Blog Active]


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